Caramel Apple Bun

With warm apple butter, creamy European butter and sugar infused with caramel, soaked in apple liquor and topped with crunchy brown butter crumble, this bun will delight every taste bud.

That Bacon Bun

No matter how salty or sweet you are feeling, this buns will satisfy your sweet tooth. With chunks of bacon, not bits, and maple liquor drenched, this is the bun you want to start your day with.

The Southern Peach

She is a bun that can stand on her own. That's how we do it down south. With peach liquor infusion, we created a bun in honor of peach cobbler.

The Original Hennybun

Brown sugar and butter glaze infused with premium cognacs. Finished with Texas pecans.

Chef Ashley started Tipsybuns with BRUNCHSOCIETY, another culinary vision. Ultimately, we want to create a place where both visions can be realized.

Chef Ashley decided to try something new with her favorite pastry while preparing for her weekly brunch. The magic began when she placed her cinnamon rolls in the oven after creating a sauce with Hennessey. As brunch proceeded, her attention was diverted by her guests. She suddenly remembered the buns when one asked where the smell came from?

 Ashley ran back into the kitchen to take this new masterpiece out of the oven. She then served them to everyone in the room. From that day, they were a hit and Tipsybuns was created.